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Monday, April 4, 2011


the industrial cottage slings
 spring 2011

All pictures by LorienDevon

Our Sling sizing chart
Because many of you are probably looking at slings in various stages of your pregnancy, it is easier to measure around your back instead of trying to take into account the size of your beautiful, growing belly!
Just follow the pictures below..

Start at the top of your shoulder, about where your t-shirt seam would sit.

Measure around your back to the opposite side of your body, just to the top of your hip bone.

this lovely lady is an ex-small.

ex-small: 23-25"
small: 26-29"
Medium: 30-33"
Large: 34-36

You will probably wear the same size sling as fitted t-shirt. If you have larger breasts please
 go up one size to account for them. For instance, if you are measuring a small, but normally would by a medium fitted t-shirt because you have larger breasts, you will want to order a medium sling.  
We can do custom sizes as well. Please just e-mail me with any questions.
If you order the wrong size, please e-mail me and we will exchange it!

Wearing Instructions/Baby Safety

If you are right handed, hold the sling in front of you with the decorative fold-over facing out.

Place your right hand through the sling.

slip the sling over your head.

adjust to make it comfortable.

Pick up sweet little baby,

Ease baby into sling feet first.

As her feet go in, slowly lower the rest of the baby back into position.

You may need to adjust the baby a little to make sure she is up and not sitting hunched over.
You should see baby's face at all times! Please note that the baby does not have to be swaddled. Swaddling works well on younger babies, but is not a necessity.
Please visit the link below for safety information before wearing your sling.

A special thanks to all my "Sling Mamas" and their precious little ones: Whitney of Navy Beans, Lauren of Poppy Lane, Heather, Chani, Sarah, and Amy.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

baby love

Tomorrow was supposed to be our big sling reveal. All of our fabulous new spring line was to be shown off and put in our store.... 

Well, I am going to be a few days late.. 

We got rained out of our photo shoot and are trying again this weekend. Please be patient; I hope you will think it was worth the wait.  I did get one precious picture to share with you.. 

They don't get any cuter!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sling Fabric!

I am so excited for our Spring line of Baby Slings!

They will arrive in our Etsy store on April 1st. 

Here are some close-up shots of the fabrics.

Diversitex Cotton Twill Fabric Espresso
a yummy dark chocolate twill

Premier Prints Chipper Chartreuse/White

Premier Prints Ozborne Robin/White
soft blues

Diversitex Topsider Eco-Friendly Cotton Twill Light Slate
gray twill

Premier Prints Suzani Slub Texture Charcoal

Waverly Sun N Shade Lovely Lattice Lagoon
Loving the pattern

Premier Prints Suzani Slub Texture Yellow/White
just imagine this inside and gray twill outside!

As always we have a beautiful white waffle textured fabric available for the insides if you don't want to mix and match two prints.

Yes, pictures of actual slings will be coming! I am just hoping to generate some excitement!
If you are familiar with our slings already, and would like to place a custom order before the 1st of April, please contact me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sneak Peak

These are some of the fabrics that will be in our new line of baby slings! I am very excited. 
We have many solids as well, but they aren't as fun to look at on a blog!
Keep watching. Our goal is April!