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Monday, October 12, 2015

Making a house a home

Every once in a while you have the great fortune to run across an amazing, life changing book. The Nesting Place was that book for me.  It really help me to change my perspective on decorating. I had always felt like decorating, my style, and my budget where at odds. Making them all mesh together and finding what I really liked seemed impossible.  I needed someone to give me permission to try and fail, to learn, and to have fun on any budget. 
This book did that for me. 

Decorating your house is so much more than the decor you pick. Its the spirit, the people, and the attitude of the home maker that make a home. Some of our favorite memories are from homes where I sponge painted a wall (gasp, what was I thinking), picked crazy colors for the walls, and had a 0$ decorating budget. 

God has helped me to see the beauty in many things. He has given me creativity that I can feel free to express. Yes, I will make many more mistakes along the way, but the learning and journey are amazing. 

I feel so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to create our new home from the studs up.  Every time I walk in, it feels a little more like home. Ian ran straight to his bedroom this morning and announced that it was his room. He was even ready to take a bath.
We have put some sweat, blood, and yes, a few tears into it.  It will never be perfect and for that I am grateful. I will make some mistakes, but I will also learn. I will enjoy the journey with me family, and I can't wait to share it with friends.

The bathtubs are in and we passed the plumbing inspection!

The wall between the living room and kitchen is down. The post you see will be wrapped in reclaimed oak and stand right at the end of the island

Master bath

Bathroom tile.
 The large slate grey 20x20 tile is for the floors, and the limestone is for the shower walls. I'm still debating whether to lay the limestone in a traditional brick pattern or go for the herringbone.

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