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Sunday, August 30, 2015

A New Home

So far this year has been very overwhelming both emotionally and physically. I turned 40 In December, brought home a preemie little girl, got the adoption order for our 3 year old, and celebrated 20 years with my wonderful husband. 

 And, if all that wasn't enough, we decided to by a new house. A fixer- upper at that! 

   We started house hunting in February in no big rush to leave where we are at; we really just wanted to see what was out there. We quickly realized that both Quentin and I are totally drawn to the misfit houses, the ones that need a lot of love.  This particular beauty caught our eye, and it is only 10 houses from where we live now.



It has been empty for 4 years and is a HUD repo! YIKES.  The copper plumbing under the house has been stolen, the air conditioning electrical wire have been ripped out, the oil furnace is toast, it has the original 1960's kitchen and bathrooms, and the list goes on.....



BUT.. it is the perfect size and layout for my family, and ITS A RANCH!  The location is perfect, and I will get to put my personal touch on everything. I am so excited. We have a pretty tight budget for all the renovations, but that just makes it more fun and challenging. These are some of the before pictures. We should start demo this week.


Laurie said...

Can't wait to see what transformations you accomplish on this place. It's always so fun and inspiring to watch you work your magic! (And, for the record: I miss you guys so much!)

Wilbert Bowers said...

Congratulations on all that great news. I applaud you for getting a fixer upper. It might seem like a lot of work now, but wait until you see that house transform. When I finished fixing our house, the sense of accomplishment that I felt was unrivaled. Think about all that equity you are creating by increasing the value of the house.

Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group