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Sunday, January 4, 2015


So I've been spending a lot of time working on the living room over the holidays. I wanted to freshen everything up a bit.  

I finally got the Ikea sectional I have been wanting. I love it! It is very comfortable, and it works great with the family. I also brought the coffee table down from the attic. I think we are past the using it as a dance floor stage.  I love the white curtains, always have, they will stay forever I think.

The grey hutch is getting ready to move. All the TV stuff on top is really not working. 

The TV shelf is also leaving today.. I found a new cabinet on Craig's List. I will show you later. Pretty sure I am going to paint it. Trying chalk paint for the first time. A whole project for another post.

The new rug.

I still love my ghost lights. I still need to take off the Christmas rosemary wreaths.

My little fig tree. I love him. I am still figuring out how to take care of him. Right now he gets a shower every Monday and seems to really like it. He has one new leaf. Yay! I can't wait for him to grow up!

My coat rack is still great. It looks great and functions great. The basket is full of Playmobile. I like having pretty storage.

I thought about moving the mirror but it reflects to much light that I think I'll leave it. There really is not much light in  this room and I need to take full advantage of what I have.

 We have new family photos that I can't wait to get on the wall. They came out so good. 
I love my ladder. Not so much love for the speakers. I think I'm going to try making a cool box around them or something. Maybe something like this: 

My daughter and her boyfriend made me the box for the coffee table. I painted it dark grey and then rubbed it with dark brown Briwax. Great look.  I would really like to fill it with succulants.

 And last but definitely not least are the new pillow covers purchased from H & M Home. I love their site and their prices. I also love the quality. The color I chose was dark grey. When I opened the packaging it looked really black and I thought I would have to return it, but once I got it on the couch it looks great. It is very dark grey though.  The tan pillow cover is Ikea.

Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

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JoAnn D said...

Molly: The ladies who do Bible study in your lovely living room every week love this space. It is both functional and attractive. I often remind them that we have the prettiest Sunday School room of all the classes at Avalon. Thanks for sharing this wonderful room with us each Sunday morning. It blesses us!