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Wednesday, January 7, 2015



So I got a little creative for my little guys Christmas present. It took me forever to decide what tent I wanted, but I finally settled on on a pattern that I liked.

Land of Nod copycat striped tent teepee DIY sewing pattern

I found this pattern from Dress This Nest. I really liked the way it looked. Her pattern was great for the most part, however,  I did make a few changes.

Of course, the first obvious change is that I only used 2 colors. I also zig-zagged each seam and then top-stitched each stripe after I sewed it together. It made everything take longer, but I really like the way it came out. It made it look really professional and I feel good about the durability. 

Please also note that on her blog she says it only took her a few days with her toddler. I consider myself a pretty experienced sewer and it took me much longer. Yes, I have a 2 year old and was sewing at nap times, evenings, and whenever I could sneak a chance.  The cutting out is no joke as well. It take patients and precision.  

Some things to watch out for:

Purchase your poles first! Start sewing your casing and then make sure they fit! Mine did not, but I didn't figure it out until the end...UGH. I had to take everything out which is not easy considering you have to match all your stripes,,,,

Your seem allowance will change back and forth quite drastically from seam to seam as you are sewing the pole casing in order to get the stripe to match. And even if its not perfect, don't worry, once the poles are in you really can't tell an 1/8 of an inch or so.

Also I tryed to use really cool painted bamboo for the poles because they were cheap and looked cool...Don't. My son broke them in about 20 minutes...

Watch netflix as you sew! you will be sewing straight lines forever!!!

Supplies and Cost:

I used cotton duck fabric in cream and black and followed the amounts listed  on Dress This Nest. I used JoAnn fabric's coupons and spend about $45.00

The wood  closet rods that I used for the poles I purchased at Lowes Hardware and they were $40.00
I found them a few dollars cheaper at Taylor's a few days later, but was to lazy to return them.

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Jennifer said...

I love it in black and white! Great job! :-)