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Friday, May 4, 2012

Market Tote

I have wanted to make some reusable shopping bags for a while. I just keep putting it off. School, kids, you know...
I cannot justify putting it off any longer. The amount of plastic (and paper) bags that come through my house is shameful.

I looked all over on-line to find a free pattern for the perfect size tote. I loved this one with the flat bottom by bijoulovelydesigns. The flat bottom holds more, and is a little more stable. That is very important when you have a 10 year old boy who helps with the groceries. Somehow (no matter how hard I try) he always ends up the eggs. 

All the instructions can be found here! 
I followed her directions pretty much exactly, except I did not use interfacing or a contrasting lining. 

I used left over bleached canvas, and a gray twill for the bottom.

Now what I am going to put in the bathroom trash cans?

1 comment:

Darla said...

I love shopping bags! I haven't bought a trash can liner in 7 years I think...even for the kitchen I use small pails that hold walmart bags:-) All it means is that I have to take out the trash 2x instead of one. But I need the exercise. And I hate spending money on things I throw away, lol! That being said, I LOVE the tote. Sooo useful!