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Monday, March 5, 2012

Chalkboard Wall

I know that I don't talk very often about being the wife of a children's pastor and how that impacts our life.
So, let me start by saying that we love it! It really is our passion. We love the children, their parents, and all the fun activity planning that goes along with it.

Today I wanted to share with you a project that Quentin and I did over the weekend. We decided to add a huge chalkboard to one wall in the gym of the church were we do all of the children's activities. We needed a large space to advertise the new themes in Jr. Church, fun things coming up in AWANA, and stuff like that.

We started by measuring and taping off the size of chalkboard that we wanted. Then I used a small sponge roller to apply 4 coats of Valspar chalkboard paint. It only took almost all of  1 quart and the board is
 105" x 65". 

As soon as you are done painting, remove the tape.

I went to Lowes while the paint dried and got 1x6 pine boards. We started by rubbing them with Colonial Maple stain from Minwax, but it seemed a bit light. While my lovely daughter Zoe rubbed on the stain, I came right behind her and rubbed a little of the black chalkboard paint into the wood using a rag. If it started to look streaky, I just had Zoe rub it again with the stain rag. We worked together and had the boards done in about 45 minutes. I love how they look a little aged.

We measured our boards to fit on the outside of our chalk rectangle. We did allow them to overlap the rectange by 1" on all sides. I didn't want any white wall showing.

We started with the bottom piece of wood. We started the screw in the wood before we lifted it up.

We screwed in one side and then leveled the other before tightening the screws.

We then had a nice level piece to add the other side pieces to.

Nothing like standing on top of a shelf, balancing a board, and using a screw driver all while having your wife take pictures of you! I love that man!

We wanted it to look a little bit more industrial, so we added some brackets to the corners.

I got these at Lowe's for $.88 each.

We overlapped them to make an L

While we were working on the chalkboard, Zoe suggested that we add little chalk labels to the cubbies below. Yeah for Zoe!! We have tried a number of different things to label them alphabetically, but nothing seems to be able to stand up to all that small children can dish out.  Chalk, what a perfect idea. Why didn't I think of that?!

We cut a piece of paper to 2" wide and centered it in the middle of the cubbie space.

Put painters tape on either side of your paper

Remove the paper.

Lightly sand the area between the tape

Paint between the tape.

Remove your tape, let dry, and label!

How cool is that?!

I think it would look amazing on white cubbies as well.

I really think I need to make one for my house. 


Lauren said...

love it!!! can't wait to see it in person on wednesday! :)

Zane Wooder said...

It most be fun doing all the activity's with the kids. It can be stressful I could imagine but also fun.

-Zane of ontario honey