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Monday, February 13, 2012

Slipcovers: The Cushion part 1

To start the cushions, lay your fabric out flat. I do mine on the floor so I can have a very large surface to work with.
Remeasure your cushion and add 1.5" for your seam allowance. Look again at your layout sheets so you know were you should be cutting. 

lay the pieces of fabric on top of the cushion. This will prevent you from getting your pieces mixed up.

If you cushion piece is curved, lay the actually cushion on top of your fabric and trace around the edges with a pencil. Add your seam allowance and cut.

Serge around all your cushion pieces.

When all of your square pieces are cut out, fold the fabric in half and get your rotary cutter out. Even up the top edge.
measure exactly the width of the band of fabric that goes around your cushion. Add 1.5".  We will use the entire length of the fabric. You should end up with strips. For the back zipper section, you will need 2 pieces. Lets say my band measures 5". I add 1.5" for seam allowance making it 6.5".
The zipper sections need to be half of the width (6.5) plus enough to make a fold and seam allowance. 3.25" + 1.5" making the zipper band 4.75". You will end up with 1- 6.5" strip and 2- 4.75" pieces.

Iron all your pieces.

Get out your large pile of cording. We are going to attach it to the edges of your cushion pieces. We will not need the band pieces for a while.
Find the back, or bottom of you cushion pieces. Place it right side up. Lay your cording on the edge with the corded side towards the middle of your cushion piece. You will need your zipper foot on your machine.  leave about 2" of cording free of your machine. Start sewing. When you get to a corner, clip the seam allowance on your cording. This will help the cording turn a sharp corner. (second picture below).  Stop sewing about 5/8" from the edge of your fabric. Leave your needle down in the fabric and pivot the whole piece of fabric. Sew down the next side.

When you get all the way around, sew right up to the edge of the other end of your cording and stop.

Cut the long end of your cording off, leaving yourself 2".

Take out about 2" of the stitching on your cording.

Sew the two ends of the cording together without attaching it to the cushion piece.

Clip off the extra cording.

Cut the free piece of cording fabric at an angle.

Fold in the angled edge.

After wrapping the angled piece around the other piece of cording, sew.

When you look at the right side of your cushion piece it should look something like this...

Sew cording on all of your cushion pieces.

Take a break and eat a snack!  

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thegnomewhocametolunch said...

What kind of foot are you using for your machine when you are sewing the cording on? Because it doesn't look like a zipper foot, which is what I was always told to use. I'm just wondering because I lost my zipper foot a long time ago...