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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thankfulness for each day

"Lord thank you for this day..." is the way I start most of my prayers. I was really convicted about this today; not because it is wrong, but because, I really don't think about what I am saying any more. I just repeat it out of habit. 

As I worked my way through the mountain of adoption paperwork, I kept reaching forms that required me to plan for my present children and my future children should something happen to Quentin and I. Did we have everything in order? Life insurance, financial records, all their health records, etc..? Where would they go if something happened to us; who would take care of them? 

While none of these things are pleasant to think about, they are very necessary, and I have to say that I really hadn't thought about them as much as I should have. All of my records where in 87 different places, the kids shot records were at 2 different Dr. offices, and I didn't have a completed copy on any of them.  We had a little life insurance through work, but not really enough to take care of 3+ kids, and I knew where all the financial records were, but I was really the only one.

Well, we have taken care of everything.. will, life insurance, record keeping, heath records.. We are even up to date on all our physicals and shots! But, I am just reminded that every day is such a gift. Every day that I wake up and get to live this life with these people is an amazing gift. "Thank you Lord for this day".. is taking on a whole new meaning at the Tilman house.


Lauren said...

love this post!! So true Molly - thank you for the perspective! We love you guys! :)

Clay in the Potter's Hand said...

great post!