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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Slipcovers: The Cording

There are a few things you will need to purchase before you start sewing. 

5/32 cotton welting
 I buy my cording in bulk. You can find yours at Joann fabrics or another local fabric store.
You will need about 35-45 yards for a large 6 cushion couch and 20 yards for a chair with 2 cushions

 Zipper Tape
I also buy my zipper tape by the yard in bulk. The zipper pulls come separate. You can cut the zipper to the length that you need and then add the pull. You have no waste! 
You can purchase some here: beacon fabric
I have never had much luck at the local fabric store with this.

           available at your local fabric store. You will only need about a yard.

Rotary cutter and board
           This is not necessary, but very helpful. The large board and cutter are around $45.00 at your local fabric store. If you use a 40% off coupon it helps!

Lets start!

Unroll a few yards of your fabric out on the floor and measure down about 3 yards.
 Cut up to the opposite top corner making a triangle.

Take the triangle piece and fold along the longest edge (the hypotenuse, for you math people).

Fold in half again.

Here is were you will want a rotary cutter and cutting board.
We are going to cut 2" strips for our cording. It goes so fast with the rotary cutter!

Lay your fabric down and cut any unevenness off the top.

Start cutting off 2" strips, as you work your way down the fabric.

You should end up with a pretty good pile.
To sew them together, lay the ends of 2 separate pieces, right side of the fabric facing up, on the table in front of you.
Take the piece on the left and flip it over on top of the right piece.

Pivot the top piece, to line up the salvage edges.


When you turn the piece over you should have a continuous strip of fabric. You can trim off any unevenness later.

Keep sewing until all your pieces are sewn together.
Take your cotton welting and place in the middle of your strip of fabric. Fold the fabric in half and sew as close to the fabric as you can using your zipper foot.

To finish the edges, you can use a zig zag stitch on your machine or run all the cording through your serger. 

Set the cording aside. You will need it very soon!

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