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Monday, January 16, 2012

Slipcover Tutorial

I have been sewing a lot less and loving it! I think I was a little burned out. It is so much more fun when I can slow down, take my time, and really enjoy what I am doing again.  Because of the self imposed "slow-down", I have some time to do a tutorial on how to make a slipcover. It will be a long in a few weeks. I thought I would just let you follow me through the couch slipcover that I am currently getting ready to start. 
  I am kind of like the cook who has all her recipes in her head. I know how to do it, but telling someone else how to do it is totally different.  I am kind of scared! 
  I will start tomorrow with the best types of fabrics and even share some of my fabric sources. Please let me know if I totally lose you or what I say does not make sense. I really what the average sewer to be able to follow it from start to finish and understand the steps.

Do you have piece of furniture that needs some love? Join me, we'll do it together!


My Many Moments said...

Can't wait! I have some projects that I have been scared to start.

Whitney said...

I might just have to join in...I hate - loathe - despise - my hand me down plaid chair. It's comfort level is only matched by how ugly it is.