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Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to the Toddler Future

1996, the year I became a Mom.

My cell phone looked like this.

I couldn't pay at the pump, and the average price of gas was $1.27.

My daughter's stroller was this very bulky thing, and
I couldn't even find a picture of her car seat that would buckle without a base! Gasp!

What I really wanted to find was a picture of my old diaper bag, but alas, I could not... I am afraid I was never very good at taking pictures.  What I did notice however, is that there is now a much better selection of diaper bags to choose from.

The back pack

The stylish, yet enormous, carry-all style

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Society Satchel Berry Chiffon Cake

Perfectly sized by Petunia Pickle Bottom, this is a great, but pricey option.

JJ Cole Diaper Bag System 180 Green Stitch

Not just a diaper bag, but a diaper bag system by JJ Cole

The purse style from Timi and Leslie

I have come to the conclusion that, like everything else in my life, my diaper bag must be a multi-tasker! If it only fulfills one task, I probably don't need it. I probably have something else that can do the same job just as well. Now, I know there are flaws in my logic. For instance, my toothbrush. It only, and ever only, will brush my teeth. (ok, occasionally it has brushed my kids teeth on accident.) A toothbrush is an acceptable uni-tasker. A diaper bag should not be... other wise I will end up with 87 bags everywhere I go. 

 I decided I just wanted a purse!

   1. I am smarter in my old age! I have carried large
       diaper bags with everything but the kitchen
       sink in them.      "Just in case!" Its silly. I will
       be fine; the   kid will be fine. Stash a few extra
        things in the car if I need to...

   2. I will only carry 1 bag. My purse, with all the kid stuff        
        In it.

   3. I am not spending money on a bag that I will use for one
      specific season. I want a good quality bag that will last and 
     work for all seasons. I think that is possible. 

   3. I got a better quality purse/bag with lots of great storage 
     that will do all that a diaper bag will; it just didn't come 
     with designer diaper bag price tag.

I found my bag at TJ Maxx.

It is a beautiful B. Makowski with pockets everywhere. Not to big and not to small! super soft leather and a very fun leopard print inside!

When I found it, I walked away from it! I decided to wait a little longer. I did, however,  take a picture of it and I showed my niece to see what she thought. (She is my fashion consultant!) She loved it and gave me her approval. She is currently driving a very stylish yellow B. Makowski bag.
I just had to hope the bag would still be there for a couple of weeks. 
Well, the very next night, my niece walked in the door, bag in hand, and gave us a baby gift! 
Thank you Anna!

I did find that the bag is also available at in gray, black or red!

1 comment:

Darla said...

By the time I had #2, I was OVER diaper bags. It's now my purse too. For some reason the notion that I had to bring the nose sucker with me *everywhere* flew out the window when I realized I've never used it, and I only have 2 hands. Lol. My bag is was uglier than yours! An over-the-shoulder long strap (hands free ulility!!) cloth bag from target. washable!! Love it so much b/c of its usefulness! (and it's grey, 'cause we love Grey:-)