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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back to the Toddler Future

   I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. My blog has been a little scattered and not really focused on much of anything. Just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Well, my life has been a lot of that lately! A little bit of sewing, a lot of adoption, a little bit of home improvement, a lot of homeschooling! 
    In an attempt to organize my thoughts (and blog), I thought it would be fun to have Fridays have a theme. I keep finding myself laughing  like crazy over the way some of the parenting styles and gear have changed over the years. From my first baby in 1996 to my new baby coming soon, a lot has changed. A lot a has changed in the style world and a lot has changed in me. So starting this coming Friday, I would like to start a series  called "Back to the Toddler Future". It will chronicle my humorous and not so humorous plunge back into the world of not just parenting a toddler, but parenting a toddler with the help of teenagers! That makes a difference!
     I would also like to look at all the changes in gear. There are so many new cool, useful, and useless things now! 
 I will start with gear, since we don't have our new kid yet!
I have been doing a lot of looking at  prices and such to see whats out there, and were is the best place to get car seats, clothes,  pull-ups, diaper bags, etc...
  Hope to see you Friday!


Darla said...

great idea! Can't wait!! Since I am super familiar with all things baby since about 1989-1999 with the births of my younger, and then my own kids from 2006-2010...things change SO much. talking to one of the moms I babysit for, and she didn't know an infant seat could be attached to the car without a "base". Lol. Such a world of difference!!

Darla said...

*younger siblings