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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My New Desk

I have been helping my Mom and Dad with the details of their new home. It has been loads of fun. I will do a few different posts about in a little bit. During the process we have gone through all their furniture to see what stays and what goes. I ended up with the extra round table that they did not have room for. It has found a spot in my bedroom right under the window. I am not showing you pictures yet, because right now it is covered with all my coupon stuff, and looks very messy! But I will give you some inspiratation pictures that I am working toward. 

And just in case anyone is wondering, my kitchen is still not painted white, my bar stools are not painted yet, and  my sewing room is an explosion of Vacation Bible School stuff! Yikes. That's why I love all the pretty pictures. They help me forget my own chaos and remind me that there is hope!


via madebygirl

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My table looks a lot like this one, and I have an old wooden chair with casters that is in the same tones as the one above. My table is a lovely primer grey at the moment, but will soon be white. (right after the kitchen and bar stools)


I am over at the vintique object today! Camille asked me to do a post about a kid friendly home. Head on over and check it out!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Taming the Pile

So this is the pile that has been growing on my husband's side of the bed. It really is not entirely his fault. He has been working 12 hour days 5-6 days a week on top of planning VBS at church. 

This is my side. We both have matching side tables that I love! Quentin made them for me a few years back and they are my favorite piece of furniture. They are old machine shop tables with a class top. Very industrial.  But, maybe not very practical for Quentin's needs.

My Mom and I had to run to Ikea to pick up a sink for their new addition and while I was there I picked up this great piece. 
MALM 3 drawer chest, white Width: 31 5/8 " Depth: 19 " Height: 30 3/4 "  Width: 80 cm Depth: 48 cm Height: 78 cm

It was a little bit of a process to get it together.

A few cartoons later..

Sorry  for the lousy picture. All of Quentin's stuff is now organized and in the drawers. It is working much better for him. I also purchased these while at Ikea.

For $9.00 you get two of each size! I bought a set for the girls drawers as well. 

Much better. While I haven't accessorized the top yet, I am perfectly fine with nothing! The pile is gone, Quentin can find his stuff quickly, and the dresser looks great. A win all the way around.

Happy Monday.

Monday, June 20, 2011


This last week was a whirlwind of activity at our house. My sister-in-law and I worked together to make the dessert table for my nieces graduation party. It was loads of fun. My part was mainly the sewing. I did a few desserts, but my sister-in-law was really the baking master. 

You can see the rest of the beautiful desserts at Lorien Devon

These were so fun to make. I dipped marshmallows is white candy melts and then in white sugar beads and chocolate jimmies. We had a chocolate fountain to dip them in. Yummy!

 My dad made our families' favorite chocolate chip cookie and then we stacked them on candle holders. I think these were my favorite thing.

These are my flags. I braced myself for a very long ordeal, but was pleasantly surprised when I finished them in one morning. I almost made them out of paper, but decided that we would use them again and again for birthdays and such so we went with the fabric. I am so glad we did. 

I wanted to show you how I made the flags. I thought maybe a tutorial would make up for me abandoning you all last week.

We went to the fabric store and bought 9 different fat quarters in fun colors and ironed them all.

I laid one fabric at a time down on my rotary cutting board.  I made sure the fabric was 18" x 20". They came that size, sort of, I just made sure they were square.

Then I cut them 9" by 20" and placed one piece on top of the other.

I used my square to cut an angle, coming in 3.5" from one end. Then I came in 7" on the top uncut edge and cut again.

I repeated the same steps, pivoting my square until I ran out of fabric. Because the fabric was doubled, I ended up with 8 triangles of each fabric that measured 7" across the top and came down 9".

My beautiful pile!

I used my serger to sew, but a regular machine with 1/4" seams would work fine.

I picked two different flag pieces and placed them right sides together. Match all flag pieces.  I did end up repeating a few combinations, but it worked out great.

I serged down each side.

When they were all put together, I clipped the pointed end off, and I turned the flags right sides out.

I ironed them all using  the end of my small scissors to poke the point out. I wanted them really crisp.

I used white grosgrain ribbon to connect the flags. I ironed the ribbon in half long ways.

Slide a flag in between the folded ribbon and stitch. Attach a flag every 4 or 5 inches, or whatever looks best to you.

I ended up with 2  pieces that measured 6 yards each.
I hope I have given you  a few new ideas for your next party.
Happy Monday

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cardboard Love

How fun would  these be on a gallery wall in my son's room?!?

This one is my favorite!
These are from Cardboard Safari. They have a lot of fun stuff.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Style

I thought it would be fun to have a few guest bloggers over the summer. I decided to invite people who are great at all the things I stink at! Fashion, hair, etc.. I am so bad about heading out to buy clothes and coming home with a gallon of paint and two new accessories for the house. 

Today I have invited Lauren from Mind the Little Foxes.

Lauren is amazing with fashion! Every time I see her she looks so cute, feminine, and fashionable! I am so grateful for her influence on my girls. They love to see what she is wearing and then copy. My young ladies are searching for great fashionable clothing (to match Lauren) instead of some of the not so fashionable, show everything clothing that is available for teens. Thanks Lauren! 


Tuck It In:

Misplaced Sequins: Hippie Head.
Black and White {Side by Side}

Tuck it half way or the whole way …  into flirty skirts, jeans, slacks, shorts or pencil skirts.

Belt it Up:

Black and White {Side by Side}

Thin or Thick, Simple or Bold, Twisted, Tied or Buckled… Belts are a great way to make clothing figure-flattering by defining your waist and drawing attention away from other areas.

Add A Pop:

s%2Bsdesigncn5.png (PNG Image, 249x400 pixels)

Don’t be afraid of bright color or pattern.  In small amounts, it’s just the thing to liven up a mostly neutral wardrobe.

Keep it Simple:

{this is glamorous}: {inspiration board}Make Up Your Mind

Keep it Clean:

Welcome to the gOOd life: DIY-pleated dressSUDDEN EXPLOSIONS

Sometimes the best outfits don’t need a lot of extra attention or a lot of skin.

Nurture the Nudes:

Magnifique ♥ on we heart it / visual bookmark #9531773Google Image Result for
Class Versus Sass【ELLE SHOP】リボン付きグリッターフラットシューズゴールド|スーピエ(Sous Pied)|ファッション通販 エル・ショップ

Make it Flirty:

η ı α. ♡ ƒ α ѕFashion FairytaleWomen's accessories - hats & scarves - Refined silk-cashmere wrap - J.Crew

The little things make it an outfit sweet or sassy… and quite feminine.