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Monday, September 19, 2011

Why Are the Goldfish in the Cowboy Hat?

One of my favorite old Sesame Street episodes is when Bert comes home and Ernie tries to explain why nothing is in the right spot. You just sort of have to watch to understand..

Well, That is exactly what happened at my house this week. I have been thinking about changing rooms around for a while; I just haven't had the energy to really get it all started.  Sunday afternoon something just sort of snapped in my head!

 We came home from church and were cleaning up getting ready to have our fellowship group over. ( A bunch of families from church who come over once a month for great food and lots of fun.) It was raining and showing no sign of letting up.
I sort of freaked out. I realized that there was really not any place for the kids to run and play. My living room is not very big, and we don't have a family room. What was I going to do?

Switch all the bedrooms around in 2 hours, of course!

My husband is the best. He didn't even flinch! The kids jumped right in and my brother and his family even helped for a little while. We started at 2:15 and by 4:45 we were setting out the paper products getting ready for pizza! 

The only room we really had to get in shape was Elijah's room. We moved him into the master bedroom right off the living room. It is a huge room. With the french doors open, it acted just like a large playroom/family room right off the living room. The kids played, wrestled, and had pillow fights all where the moms and dads could see! It was perfect.

The multipurpose room is now the master bedroom, and Elijah's old bedroom is now the girl's room. The girls had a choice. Quentin and I were going to take Elijah's old room because it is the smallest, but the girls decided they would rather have the small room then share a space with all my sewing stuff! (my poor ugly machines! I will love you!)

So, back to my original Bert and Ernie thing... To get Elijah's toys to his new room I had to clear my sewing stuff off the Ikea shelf; to get the sewing stuff into its new cabinet I had to move all my clothes and shoes out of the cabinet into the girls old closet; to get my clothes in the closet I had to get Bridget and Zoe's clothes out of the closet into Elijah's closet; to get Elijah's stuff out of his closet...etc.. you get the picture.  Yeah, my head hurt too.

So right now, 
1. I really like the new arrangement. 
2. I spent most of the day walking around a little overwhelmed with the piles that I had hidden behind closed doors while company was here!
3. I am sorry I haven't taken any pictures yet! Not quite neat enough for public consumption!
4. I love my family  
5. Yes, we still did all our school work today. Just in case anyone is checking...


Darla said...

good for you! Brian is usually up for my rearranging, but there is some definite flinching going on, lol! You have a great family to take it all in stride! Sounds like it will work out pretty good for you all. Having that place for kids is pretty great, and I'm sure Elijah loves it when there are no guests over too!

Camille said...

Ok, I have to see pictures because this idea is very inspirational! I've been toying with the idea of switching the dining room and living room...

BUT I can't imagine doing the entire house! And in two hours. Wow.