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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My New Desk

I have been helping my Mom and Dad with the details of their new home. It has been loads of fun. I will do a few different posts about in a little bit. During the process we have gone through all their furniture to see what stays and what goes. I ended up with the extra round table that they did not have room for. It has found a spot in my bedroom right under the window. I am not showing you pictures yet, because right now it is covered with all my coupon stuff, and looks very messy! But I will give you some inspiratation pictures that I am working toward. 

And just in case anyone is wondering, my kitchen is still not painted white, my bar stools are not painted yet, and  my sewing room is an explosion of Vacation Bible School stuff! Yikes. That's why I love all the pretty pictures. They help me forget my own chaos and remind me that there is hope!


via madebygirl

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My table looks a lot like this one, and I have an old wooden chair with casters that is in the same tones as the one above. My table is a lovely primer grey at the moment, but will soon be white. (right after the kitchen and bar stools)


Lauren said...

all those pictures just make me want to whip out my paint brush get going!! haha

Camille said...

Oh, you are so lucky. A pedestal round table is so versatile. If I had the room, I'd kill to have one as an entry table, Just floating in the middle of a the floor with a huge vase of flowers smack in the middle. Gorgeous pictures you found.