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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Island of Gray

The new gray of the island. 
 Restoration Hardware Slate.

My varied assortment of bar stools. 
I really like the different styles together. I just need to add some paint to unify them. I am afraid that I will have to keep the black one black. Quentin uses it when he teaches Jr. Church and it has become the "Pastor Q stool". I think it would be considered sacrilege if I painted it!

What projects are you doing this week?



Not flint, slate. right? Or did you change it? Looks good, whatever color you used;) Yay! Now i can comment. thanks.

Whitney said...

i'm finishing a photo book for my grandpa and parents, and making a birthday gift for my niece, and painting a frame for my room! :)

Thomas said...

the new color looks great. you are not afraid of a little or a lot of work to get the right look. thanks for the example.

Tina B. said...

Love it all Molly! U inspire me!!

Tina B. said...

You insire mt to be better with how I decorate my home Molly! Love it all!