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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Style

I thought it would be fun to have a few guest bloggers over the summer. I decided to invite people who are great at all the things I stink at! Fashion, hair, etc.. I am so bad about heading out to buy clothes and coming home with a gallon of paint and two new accessories for the house. 

Today I have invited Lauren from Mind the Little Foxes.

Lauren is amazing with fashion! Every time I see her she looks so cute, feminine, and fashionable! I am so grateful for her influence on my girls. They love to see what she is wearing and then copy. My young ladies are searching for great fashionable clothing (to match Lauren) instead of some of the not so fashionable, show everything clothing that is available for teens. Thanks Lauren! 


Tuck It In:

Misplaced Sequins: Hippie Head.
Black and White {Side by Side}

Tuck it half way or the whole way …  into flirty skirts, jeans, slacks, shorts or pencil skirts.

Belt it Up:

Black and White {Side by Side}

Thin or Thick, Simple or Bold, Twisted, Tied or Buckled… Belts are a great way to make clothing figure-flattering by defining your waist and drawing attention away from other areas.

Add A Pop:

s%2Bsdesigncn5.png (PNG Image, 249x400 pixels)

Don’t be afraid of bright color or pattern.  In small amounts, it’s just the thing to liven up a mostly neutral wardrobe.

Keep it Simple:

{this is glamorous}: {inspiration board}Make Up Your Mind

Keep it Clean:

Welcome to the gOOd life: DIY-pleated dressSUDDEN EXPLOSIONS

Sometimes the best outfits don’t need a lot of extra attention or a lot of skin.

Nurture the Nudes:

Magnifique ♥ on we heart it / visual bookmark #9531773Google Image Result for
Class Versus Sass【ELLE SHOP】リボン付きグリッターフラットシューズゴールド|スーピエ(Sous Pied)|ファッション通販 エル・ショップ

Make it Flirty:

η ı α. ♡ ƒ α ѕFashion FairytaleWomen's accessories - hats & scarves - Refined silk-cashmere wrap - J.Crew

The little things make it an outfit sweet or sassy… and quite feminine.




good tips, Lauren. Maybe we could just take you with us on a girl's shopping trip and you could dress us all? please?;)

Shelley said...

LOVE every single item. If I close my eyes and make a wish do you think I could have all of it magically appear in my closet? Please!!

Lauren said...

I'm with Lori - you can be my personal shopping assistant ANY time!! :):)

Thomas said...

thanks for the tips. very cute stuff. great idea Molly.

Camille said...

Oh! What a fun series! I need this, as you probably know. I should print it out and post in on the closet door...

mindthelittlefoxes said...

I'm very flattered. I'd love to go shopping with any of you any time!!! lol I like it a lot. ;) Also, Thanks Molly for letting me post- it was fun project to put together! Sometime I have to remind myself how to make my clothes feel new and fun again, you know?!

Tammy said...

I understand the hair and fashion thing. I am not "all that" either! But I know it when I see it!
Thanks for stopping by my site and your sweet comments!
Tammy : )