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Monday, June 20, 2011


This last week was a whirlwind of activity at our house. My sister-in-law and I worked together to make the dessert table for my nieces graduation party. It was loads of fun. My part was mainly the sewing. I did a few desserts, but my sister-in-law was really the baking master. 

You can see the rest of the beautiful desserts at Lorien Devon

These were so fun to make. I dipped marshmallows is white candy melts and then in white sugar beads and chocolate jimmies. We had a chocolate fountain to dip them in. Yummy!

 My dad made our families' favorite chocolate chip cookie and then we stacked them on candle holders. I think these were my favorite thing.

These are my flags. I braced myself for a very long ordeal, but was pleasantly surprised when I finished them in one morning. I almost made them out of paper, but decided that we would use them again and again for birthdays and such so we went with the fabric. I am so glad we did. 

I wanted to show you how I made the flags. I thought maybe a tutorial would make up for me abandoning you all last week.

We went to the fabric store and bought 9 different fat quarters in fun colors and ironed them all.

I laid one fabric at a time down on my rotary cutting board.  I made sure the fabric was 18" x 20". They came that size, sort of, I just made sure they were square.

Then I cut them 9" by 20" and placed one piece on top of the other.

I used my square to cut an angle, coming in 3.5" from one end. Then I came in 7" on the top uncut edge and cut again.

I repeated the same steps, pivoting my square until I ran out of fabric. Because the fabric was doubled, I ended up with 8 triangles of each fabric that measured 7" across the top and came down 9".

My beautiful pile!

I used my serger to sew, but a regular machine with 1/4" seams would work fine.

I picked two different flag pieces and placed them right sides together. Match all flag pieces.  I did end up repeating a few combinations, but it worked out great.

I serged down each side.

When they were all put together, I clipped the pointed end off, and I turned the flags right sides out.

I ironed them all using  the end of my small scissors to poke the point out. I wanted them really crisp.

I used white grosgrain ribbon to connect the flags. I ironed the ribbon in half long ways.

Slide a flag in between the folded ribbon and stitch. Attach a flag every 4 or 5 inches, or whatever looks best to you.

I ended up with 2  pieces that measured 6 yards each.
I hope I have given you  a few new ideas for your next party.
Happy Monday



Good job Molly! Let's go into business and not tell our husbands. hahaha Do you think they would notice?;) Loves ya.

Darla said...

I loved the flags! Thanks for the how-to!

happyrockcafe said...

Beats crepe paper streamers... although I've saved them for years....and Dollar Tree "Happy Birthday" signs. I love a fresh idea!

Thomas said...

I am a big fan of flags. I will get to it eventually :)

Mel - CityGirl said...

amazing design & party concept! love your work! those desserts look heavenly! thank you for sharing! :) mel

Sarah said...

What an amazing party! It's clear a ton of love went into it!

I'm giving away Shabby Apple Dress today on my blog today here if you're interested.

Have a fab day!


Camille said...

Hi Molly,

First of all, I that dessert table is a feast for the eye and the stomach. Scrumptious! Second, you continue to amaze me with your sewing skills? I have no idea what 'fat quarters' or a surger (serger?) is! also, is that a drop cloth I spy on the table?