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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Last night we had a big family party to celebrate all the Moms.
I was so struck with gratefulness for being able to live near family! There were nine moms present, including my mom.
(I won't even tell you how many kids were present!!!)

We kind of have a tradition that when we are all together, we sing after we pray for the meal. There are quite a few amazing singers in my family. (I am not one of them).  So, as we were singing Praise God from whom all blessings flow in perfect harmony, I was very overcome with gratitude. I am so grateful for my Mom who chose to do many hard things so that her children could reap the benefits. Thank you Mom for being patient with me, for loving me, and for teaching me about a God who loves me and has changed my life.

I am also so grateful for my Mother-in-Law. She raised four children as a single Mom! I know that there were many tough times, and I thank you for doing the hard things for your kids.

Happy Mother's Day!



les belles choses said...

What a gorgeous place!!!
We also had a good time in my mother's house, with my brothers and sister and lots of kids.

Thank you for showing,

les belles choses said...

Oh, by the way: Thank you for showing us how to hang paintings using toothpaste. We have to hang one we herited from my mother-in-law, and I've been waiting for my husband to do so for weeks. I know why: too much measuring. I'm sure your instructions will accelarate things.



oh, and for a small moment I thought that was a picture of my back yard. sigh.:) I found myself all teary eyed after the song also. Thanks for moving back to us and bringing all the best friends with you. watch your email for pillow pics. coming soon. loves ya.