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Monday, May 23, 2011

Many thanks to The vintique object for awarding me The Veratile Blogger Award!
Her very kind words were,"She does it all".
I will explain more about the award later this week, and let you know who I pass it along too.

I think that maybe the ADD blogger would be a better title!
I love so many thing, that it's hard for me to settle on any one thing. My newest love...
Over the last month I have watched my grocery budget climb. I really have not changed what we eat, but food prices have just gotten so expensive.  While I never want to be an extreme couponer, it really is exciting to walk out of the store with something free or nearly free. Last night I planned a trip to Kroger. I looked at their circular and matched my coupons with anything they had on sale. Here is what I came home with..

* 24 pack of dear park water
*ore-Ida sweet potato fries
*4 packs of hotdogs
*Hienz Ketchup
*Sweet baby Ray BBQ sauce
*2 Turkey hill ice tea
* 2 boxes of secret government stuff (shh..) :)
*4 coffee cups
*7 dinner plates

Yes, even the dishes! The total amount was $21.26.
What is not to love!!!!


Darla said...

Congrats! On both the coupon savings and the bloggy award!!

chani rogers said...

good job. you even got plates. wow. you don't have add. you are VERSATILE.

Anonymous said...

WoW! That's some good stuff for that price! And congrats on the blog award!

Camille said...

You have the dinner and the dishes for less than it would cost for two to go out to eat! Nice.