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Friday, May 6, 2011

Living Room

My living room has only one window and is kind of closed off from the rest of the house, unfortunately. When we moved in last July I painted it a light khaki/tan color. Last weekend I bought 2 gallons of white paint to repaint it white. (I have a serious painting/repainting issue.)
  My hope is that the white will really lighten things up! 
Here are some beautiful rooms that inspired me.

I really think I need that painting as well! This picture is from Me oh My


I also am going to finally make my curtains! I am using a canvas that I will hand bleach to make a little lighter.

Textured Cotton Tie-Top Drape, 50 x 63", White
I am in love with this style from Pottery Barn, but I also like just Plain with rings.

Cameron Drape
Also from Pottery Barn.
What do think? Long ties, or just plain?


Darla said...

oh boy. Loving these pics! I don't have the time to redo my house, so stop tempting me! lol!!

mindthelittlefoxes said...

Ugh... I want all these rooms :) lovely

happyrockcafe said...

I like the long ties... :-)

My Many Moments said...

Can't wait to see how your living room turns out. I would do the rings. You might get tired of the ties. The ties have a more relaxed beachy look,no?

Camille said...

White walls are the best! We might be painting at the same time because that's next on Emily's list! Too bad we don't live closer so we could give one another a hand...

I like the rings. They're classic. But it sounds like your heart is calling for the ties. If so, that's the way to go.