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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ghost Lights

I finished my ghost lights!  

Remember these?

I also found a third one that I added to the mix.

First, I bought 3 white extension cord for $2.96 each and cut the plug end off.

Thread the cut end of the cord down through the top of the shade.

Then you thread the cut end of the cord through a threaded steal nipple. $2.99 for 4.

Then unscrew an on/off pull chain socket. $4.96 each.

 Thread the cord through the top half and then screw it onto the steal nipple. Gently split the cord down the middle at the natural break.
Strip both cords back about 3/4" being careful not to cut the wire. 
You will wrap each exposed wire around a screw and tighten the screw.

It should look like this.

Gently pull the cord back up through the nipple until it sits in the top of the on/off switch.

Then screw on the bottom of the on/off switch.

Now, pull the whole thing up to the top of the shade.

Hang at the hight that looks good to you. I put small hooks in the ceiling and then braided the three cords together and ran them down the corner of the wall. The cord is the exact shade as the paint, so you really can't see it.

I am shopping for filament bulbs. Regular bulbs will blind you! (Trust me, I tried.)

Edison Bulb, Slim

So, here is the math:
$9.00 for cords
$3.00 for threaded nipples
$15.00 for on/off switch
$2.95 shade
$2.95 shade
$3.96 shade
$36.86 for the whole thing!

I think I am going to do glass terrariums on the table underneath. Maybe something like this:


Tammy said...

Love those three together!!! SOoooo cool!!

Anonymous said...

you made it look like even a teenager could pull it off. good job, molly. you have been busy.

ColRisney said...

And you still had time to make my lunch and pick up your Grandmother at the airport? How can one woman be so beautiful and accomplish so much? Uncanny.

Camille said...

Here I am visiting, and you've confirmed why I am passing along The Versatile Blogger Award to you. Come and see, if you like.

Darla said...

LOVE it!!