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Monday, May 9, 2011

A few new pillows

Lately I have fallen in love with hand bleached canvas. It comes out a little different shade every time I bleach it. All the different shades of white, cream, and tan are wonderful.
Here are some pictures of our latest pillows. 


All pictures are done by Loriendevon

They are not in my store yet, because I have some pricing to figure out. It may take me a few days. I have been going way to fast lately, and my body is rebelling. I woke up yesterday morning with a cold sore the size of Texas on my lip. It looks like botox gone bad!:) So.. I have to take it easy this week. Whenever I get a cold sore it is my bodies way of saying slow down and take care of yourself. 

 I did paint my living room this weekend! (before the cold sore) I will work on some pictures to show you. I love it! It is so much lighter.


Darla said...

love 'em! I hope I don't forget to discuss with you my plan for a canvas curtain. Would it work? We'll find out I guess, but I want to ask you about it!

Lauren said...

wow I love those!! I think I might need to start saving up to order one or two! Also - I am planning to save monthly for slip covers and *maybe* by fall we can get something planned. LOVE those pillows though - SO beautiful!

My Many Moments said...

Love them! Such texture. I really like the longer one with ruffles. You are talented my friend!

Zane Wooder said...

I love how the pillows have a rippled effect on the sides of them. This makes them more unqiue then the average pillow.

-Zane of ontario honey