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Saturday, May 28, 2011


What a week! My Grandmother and Aunt flew out from Idaho for a visit.  We really tried to spend every spare minute we had doing something fun with them.  Saturday we had my Grandmother's eightieth birthday party at my sister's houses. My Grandmother was a big dancer back in the day. (depression era) She told us stories of how the young couples would meet at each others houses to dance. My sister had the great idea to ask some friends of ours to come and teach us all how to swing dance. It was loads of fun! It was hard not to cry seeing my Grandmother dance with my brother.
  On Sunday after church, we all went to my brother's house for a big lunch, and on Monday we went to the beach. Monday night all the adults (we ditched all the kids) went out for seafood on the pier. As Quentin and I drove home from dinner, I was overcome with gratefulness. 

beautiful Teenagers

Crazy nine year olds

 All the grandkids

Ridiculous Boys

 My family

A day at the beach

Making Grandma taste our sour spray candy!

I love my family!


Seagrass Interiors said...

What an incredibly special memory to share with your family!
xo Melissa

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!!

Camille said...

Your grandma looks like a hoot! How fun to have such a great and large family with so many kids around. I'm jealous!

My Many Moments said...

I love your grandma, she is too cute! Looks like you guys made some great memories.