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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picture Wall

I have been working on the picture wall in the multipurpose room for a while. My wall officially looks like Swiss cheese, but I love the result.

These are the frames we got at the thrift store. Beautiful aren't they. 
 One of these pictures we kept. Can you tell which one?

Painting day.

The mini blinds are still in place and they now have not curtains at all on the other windows, but I'm getting closer to being finished, I think?!?
I love the chandelier!


Whitney said...

LOVE it!!! Beautiful. Just beautiful. The chandelier is perfect. I want to do something like that on my stair wall....I think I need your eye to help me space them. :)

mindthelittlefoxes said...

Love, Love, Love it!!! :D

Darla said...

I think it looks great! I want to do something similar with black frames in our bed room. Such a great idea!

Thomas said...

I like the frames wish mom would do something like that in our room!!!Did you keep the flower pic.??

Camille said...

You put the chandelier up! yay! I LOVE it with the more rustic looking beds. Nice juxta. And of course, the frames look awesome. A job very well done! Oh, and nice picture styling too!