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Friday, April 1, 2011

No Joke

April Fools day 16 years ago my man proposed!

 We love April Fools and usually try to get parents and other unsuspecting family members. My favorite was calling my in-laws to say we had to rush to DC to see a specialist about my headaches. They could only get me in the next day, and they would have to run some tests.
My in-laws would have to keep the kids for 2 weeks. (the kids were much younger than they are now)! Their reaction was priceless! We finally had to stop because the kids were beginning to get very upset, but we got a good laugh! 

Quentin has a strange sense of humor... There is not a day that I don't laugh, and every April Fools I sigh a happy sigh of gratefulness that his proposal was not a joke.

He sent these for me this morning!

Happy April Fools!


Poppie Lane said...

I didn't no this was your engagement anniversary! How fun - what a great memory (and THANK GOODNESS he wasn't kidding!) haha

My Many Moments said...

Happy Engagement Anniversary! That is a cute story.

Anna Rose said...

Gotta love my Uncle! The flowers are beautiful! Hope you both had a great day! Chad got mom a couple times with the rubberband over the faucet trick! It was amazing :D