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Monday, April 18, 2011

More White Paint

Well, I got the entertainment center finished. I also repainted an antique mirror for the top.

Sorry about the glaring ceiling fan. The lighting is very tricky in our living room. To get a picture that is not yellow, I have to have all the lights on.

It is all slowly coming together. I am trying to paint a little every day. I really want to start priming my bedroom armoire today,but I have a slipcover to finish first. So, we will see how time goes. I have been very busy with slipcovers lately. I am grateful that they have all be out of white twill! I love sewing with it, and the end result is amazing. 
These are the chairs I just finished for my sister-in-law.

Pictures by Loriendevon

You will have to go check out the rest of the pictures from her master bedroom redo. They are amazing!

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Best chairs ever! I just sit in them and smile:) Thanks for a job well done.