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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rethinking Storage

House Beautiful
I have come to the conclusion that a sewing room stays in a constant state of messy 
creativity!  The shelf  and baskets that have all my fabric in them are working really well. I am able to get to stuff and see all the pretty fabric I have. The Ikea shelf, however, is not really working for school books. They slide to the back making it nearly impossible to find what you need. I have bookshelves here and there and am wondering if I can't cut and paste things together to make a really cool storage unit for school. I am still very much in the muddled brain idea stage. I will keep you posted. 

On the plus side, we got the chandelier hung last night. It is amazing. I am saving pictures until the end.

Here are some more great office ideas. Have fun being creative!
House Beautiful

House Beautiful

House Beautiful


My Many Moments said...

I have always loved that picture with the 3 ottomans and the leather chair! Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Rooms for creativity should be messy, in my opinion! Looking forward to seeing that pretty chandelier hung.