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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Season

     Saturday we moved my parents out of their house, the house that we shared with them when we moved to Virginia two and half years ago. They welcomed us in and put up with us for a year and a half! Wow! I am so grateful. My parents are wonderful. 
   They are starting a new chapter in their lives. They are building a new addition onto my sister's house. They have sorted, given away, or put into storage their belongings. What a job. I am very excited for them. They are excited as well, but I think we were all surprised by the emotions we had on Saturday while moving the last few things out of the house.  I believe we all shed some tears and had moments of panic. It is hard to leave everything you have known to start out on a new adventure. 

   The family room 

The kitchen that they totally redid.

   My Mom and I already started planning the furniture and style of the new place, but in my heart I am still saying good bye to the old house. Good luck little house; I hope the next people love you as much as we did!


Poppie Lane said...

change is so exciting and so hard at the same time. I am selfishly excited because now they'll be so near... but I know it's hard to say goodbye to a house. :(

Anonymous said...

I see where you got your good taste and sense of style.


Awwww! It was a great little house. I have a feeling the next one will be just as lovely:)