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Monday, March 7, 2011

Bread Box

I really don't like a lot of stuff on my counter tops. I hate to see bags of chips and bread just sitting out. I usually put all my bread in the fridge, but then it gets hard pretty fast. I don't have a drawer or an extra cabinet to throw it in, and I hate bread boxes. Well at least I did, until yesterday. A good friend gave me This bread box by Polder, and I love it! It is white, of course, and looks great on my shelf. Take a look!
Polder KTH-916201 Retro Bread Box/Bin White
Where do you keep your bread?


Whitney said...

couple things....
1. i keep my bread in a cupboard at this house....but it has been stored all over the place in our various homes! :)
2. that bread box is awesome.
3. love your new header...very "springy" :)
4. glad you liked my blogs new look - you encouraged me to figure it out!
5. this was posted ENTIRELY too early in the morning. just sayin' :)

My Many Moments said...

Great job on the couch slipcover. You are so talented! I keep my bread in the fridge because it goes bad so fast