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Friday, January 28, 2011

Finding old thing..

Well, I guess its time for an update on the multipurpose room. Yes, It is still coming along.
I have really been amazed by the whole process. I am actually have a lot of fun, and discovering a lot about myself in the process. 

I got the fish tank moved to Elijah's room. It looks great. I should have moved it a long time ago.  They get to swim in all the major oceans.

I love the openness that room now has. It is a joy to be in there sewing. When I organized the closet, I found so much fabric that I had forgotten I even had. It has been so much fun to be creative again. I had so much cool pillow fabric. Here is a sneak peek at what is coming..

I have realized I have a lot of great pieces. They were just hidden and  needed me to find them again; reusing pieces in ways I had never thought to use them before. I hope you are having a similar surprisingly wonderful experience.


5 little (::)'s said...

That is GREAT! I love how the tank is up against the WORLD!! I love the fabric of that pillow.

Anna Rose said...

I love what you said about the fish swimming in the major oceans! super cute!