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Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 3, Inspiration has struck!

All right, here are my list and my inspiration pictures.

I have divided my list into 3 categories. I hope it makes sense to you.

1. Problems To Fix
   *Extension cords everywhere
   *Curtains don't slide open, they have to be tied back every day. 
   *Fish tank takes up to much space
   *Mirror and desk not working
   *Bedding needs to be adjusted or changed
   *The school table rolls all over the place
   *Layout of the room needs to be looked at

2.Things to Sort
   *My clothes
   *Quentin's clothes
   *Bridget's clothes
   *Zoe's clothes
   *Office supplies
   *Craft stuff
   *School shelf
   *Sewing shelf

3.Projects to Finish
   *Prime and paint the closet
   *Prime and paint the chair
   *Make a coverlet for the chair
   *paint shutters

Lots of things to love about this picture by Amy Meier Designs. She was featured in the January issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I love the Ikea shelf. My dark wood shelf that holds the fish tank is the smaller version of this exact shelf.  I love the way she displayed her fabric in the wire baskets. Great use of vertical space.

The coat rack is amazing! Quentin got me railroad spikes for Christmas so he can make one for me. I have the perfect piece of weathered wood in the garage just waiting.

I love this kitchen from Pure Style Home.  The shelves are so unexpectedly simple, and yet they work so well. I also love the chalkboard fridge. Maybe a chalkboard somewhere in my room?!?

This is from Pure Style Home as well. So simple!!

 There are my shutters again. 
photo via

 Restoration hardware! I love all the contrasting shapes and the symmetry.

Textured Cotton Tie-Top Drape, 50 x 63", White
I love the white drapes, urn and greenery. This is from Pottery barn.

I have always loved this room done by Sarah Richardson from Design Inc.

Photo via creamylife

Clipboard organization - Martha Stewart Magazine
These clipboards are great. This is from a 2008 issue of Martha Stewart magazine.
Simple, beautiful, and great use of color!

I think I will start by sorting my fabric. I love the wire basket idea from my first picture. I have 3 or 4 in various parts of my house. Pictures tomorrow of how it went and what I came up with.

Happy sorting!


Lauren said...

okay WOW! I love all these photos and I am feeling TOTALLY inspired! Now I just need to find some time! haha

Thomas said...

you can do it. 3 down 87 to go.

Teresa Rieke said...

i love these rooms!!!