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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 1 of 90

Well I promised before pictures....

As I go, I will list all the pros and cons of each space. At the end of today I hope to have a good idea of what needs to go and what needs to stay. I will also know if I need to do any major rearranging. I also hope to start a list of things that will need to be accomplished. There will still be a lot of unanswered questions. Don't worry! We will get to everything: Including the dreaded BUDGET word. Remember, step by step.... We have to take an honest look at what we have first. I have to say that my honest look is a little bit scary. 

This is the girls end of the room. I hate bunk beds, and would much rather have really cool beds built into the wall. But, we don't own the house so that is out of the question. The bunk beds stay. They do work well in providing more floor space, and there is lots of storage underneath. Their bedding however, needs to be replaced. It is made to hang all the way to the floor like a bed spread. There is just to much of it and it always flops down all over the place. It is hard for the girls to make them neatly. I love the old mirror; I think it just needs a new home. I also love the curtains. They are new, and have blackout lining. Their room is like a cave at night. They love it! I don't love the way the beds cover part of the window, but I am at a loss as to what to do. You will see as more pictures come.

There is a natural break in the ceiling and a little bump out in the wall right at the shutters. It is kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but it makes a natural break in the room. My intention was to attach the shutters to either side of the wall to give a little more of a divider without closing off the room. They are primed, not painted yet. My list is beginning to form.....  To the left of Zoe is our school shelf, and on top is a bulletin board of all the girls treasures. The bulletin board has to go, but I have a few ideas for their treasures.  Zoe, of course, stays.  Behind her is a chair I got off the side of the road. It is very cool, but still in need of being painted and recovered.

This is the other end of the room. Yikes! A great work table, all my sewing machines, and a very large fish tank. Well I think the fish need to go to Elijah's room. I am totally not taking advantage of my vertical space, and they are taking up my only long wall that is uninterrupted by windows. The sewing machines stay, of course, as well as the table.

I love the shelf the fish tank is on, but it is not being used to its potential! 

The closet! The closet holds clothes for 4 out of the 5 of us, the printer and file cabinet, and fabric storage.
A wonderful man in the church put in all the shelving for me, all I had to do was paint it all. I still haven't done that. I think all the fabric storage needs to find a new home, and everything else needs to be sorted. 

Right side of closet

Left side of closet

Well if you haven't screamed and run the other direction yet, I think we can begin to make a list of things to accomplish.
 How about tomorrow?  This post is already way to long, and I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Better to stop and sleep on it. My goal is completion, not speed! Speaking of which, how about April 4th for a completion date? 90 days from now. Quentin's favorite number is 9. Maybe he'll give me a bigger budget!


....................................... said...

This is stressing me out already! Can't wait to see what you come up with:) Lori

Lauren said...

I'll be following along this ride for sure!! I need inspiration for organizing my office/craft/guest room!! haha

Constantine said...

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