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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I took down my dead Christmas tree yesterday and put up dead sticks in its place! I really am liking this idea of using a lot of outdoor design elements inside. Large urns and twigs are popping up everywhere!

Here is what I did!

Here are a few pictures of ideas I love!

Ok, I know there are no twigs in this one, but the industrial side of me flipped when I saw this picture! I love it! All of these are from Browse through their design gallery, it is well worth your time!


Lauren said...

I love all those pictures!! Such great ideas!!

....................................... said...

Looks great! I think i need to come to your yard and make our boys collect sticks, ours are ugly out here. Lori

Teresa Rieke said...

recently Dave and I were shopping and went into Restoration Hardware. We love the airplane chairs etc...Thanks for the lovely pictures. This is why I keep old magazines I love, because I just really enjoy looking at beautiful rooms and dreaming. And dreaming is what I must do for awhile!!