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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Love Trash Cans!

As a homeschool mom I so look forward to Christmas break! Not just because it is a break from school, but because it is a chance to catch up on all those things that have begun to pile up around the house! Yeah! I hate piles!!!!
Because we live on church property, we also get to share in the use of all the church trash cans.  Look out kids! I am ready to purge!  I am ready clean out every closet and under every bed. I get a happy little flutter every time I throw something away. My kids think I am sick. Maybe they're right, but someday they will thank me, or else I will be helping pay their therapy bill!
No, seriously. I hate the thought of my stuff owning me and requiring hours of my time.  Here are a few of my personal rules:

1.If it hasn't been worn in 4months pass it on.

2. If the kids can't sort and keep it clean it is
to much for them. Pass toys on. Less really 
is more. Children are easily overwhelmed.
(so are Moms)

3.My love for a person is not attached to the 
giftes they gave me. If I get rid of it, they
will still love me, and I will still love them!

4.Only keep 1 in every 20 Children's crafts. If 
you keep more, you will have to buy a storage shed.
Trust me, they really won't want it all when
they get married. 

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5 little (::)'s said...

Molly, I really love your blog. I really like your post about your rules for organization. I would like to read more about how you organize in the near future. I'm really bad at it and It stinks learning how to do it in my 20's with 3 kids. I have implemented all of your rules~ I agree. I'm a work in progress. :)