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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Many weeks ago I posted before photos of our home. I have not yet posted many after photos. The hard part is keeping it clean long enough to take a picture! Here is the first room. 
The all important Bathroom!


Quentin's contribution. It came from the night deposit box of an old bank they were knocking down. He is the best trash hunter I have ever met. 

The wall color is Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware. It is one of my favorite colors. I have had it in just about every house I have ever lived in. I never get tired of it. 
The cabinet is a creamy white, and then I sanded the edges for a distressed look. We added a 4" molding to the bottom to make it look like a piece of furniture.

I stole the basket from my Mom's house. (she said I could have it.) It houses all of my makeup and hair stuff. This is the only bathroom for 5 people so storage is very important. 

 Have I  mentioned how much I love white denim? This is my favorite shower curtain ever. 
I have had it for about 10 years, and it still looks great. Except for a smalled chewed spot on the bottom from a bunny rabbit named Sneakers, but that is another story. The hole only adds character. I have not yet decided on a window treatment. The ugly mini blinds still remain for now.

A floor that shows no dirt. YES!

I told you I loved trashed cans!

I found these iron hooks on ebay. They work great behind the door to hold towels.


Darla said...

I want to know how you fit all your hair and makeup stuff in that little basket. I don't look half as great, and have twice as much stuff. How dies that work?

the industrial cottage said...

Magic! Much like Mary Poppin's bag!