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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Wednesdays are crazy for us. We have our home school co-op and then AWANA.  By the end of the day we are all mostly dead! So when Thursday morning rolls around, we are a pleasant bunch!

 This morning Elijah required a happy morning song on the harmonica just to get out of bed, Zoe had to be reminded that she could not eat her cereal in bed, and Bridget ,well, Bridget did pretty good this morning. We all had to be dressed (not matching)  and out the door to take Bridget to her English class by 8:45.  Yuck! By the time we got home we all had to eat breakfast again, followed by a snack. 

I just finished quizzing Bridget on 37 of her Biology vocabulary words. Do you remember what a phospholipid is? How about a leucoplast? Yeah, me neither. It has definitely been a refresher course for me!  I only fell asleep once. (Only because I have a cold!)

Well, I am going to feed the kids. Actually, they are feeding me lunch. What great kids.
Then I am taking a nap!

Have a great Thursday!

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