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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sock Season

It is that time of year again! The time when my children go through a pair of socks (or two or three) every day…..I hate socks.  Don’t get me wrong. I love warm feet; I just hate keeping up with them in the laundry.

I put in two matching socks and amazingly enough I get out 2 socks from two different pairs. It is a magical time warp. The kids promise they put the matching pair in the laundry! Sure, it’s always my fault for losing the mate somewhere between the washer and the dryer. Go figure.

Because of my magical time warp, I have a sock basket on top of the dryer. I put only mismatched socks  there, in hopes that the mate will show up in the next round of laundry. The problem?  My kids (mainly the little one)  go and get mismatched socks from the sock basket because they  don’t  want to look through their drawers for a pair of matched socks. So the end result is that I will never get all the socks matched! As a matter of fact, the problem only get worse.  I think I am going to just buy new socks, mix them all up and go with the flow. 

So this year, no more sock basket. All socks go in their drawers matched or not. They are on their own!


Darla said...

I have a basket labeled "Lonely Hearts Club" for all the lonely socks. I go through it every now and again and throw them all away. I want to know what those little mysterious elves DO with all the socks they steal?

Rachelen said...

Molly, we gave up on this years ago. I still have the basket for the MIAs, but we girls in this house do NOT match socks. We just wear whatever we pull out. Look some day at church or BStud.