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Monday, November 1, 2010

Home Sweet Parsonage

It will be two years in December since we have moved to Virginia from North Carolina. Wow!
Everyone swears we all get the same amount of time, but it sure feels like I get less!  

We left North Carolina and the life of career sales to put Quentin back in school and allow him to pursue a career in teaching.  What we didn’t realize is that God was going to change all of those plans! Well sort of… teaching is such a broad term. We were thinking teaching school Monday through Friday.  God was thinking teaching school on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  This last summer Quentin was hired as the children’s pastor of our church. Me, I am the teacher Monday through Friday. I home school our three children.  Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

Quentin’s favorite verse to sum all this up…. Zechariah 5:1 “Then I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a flying roll.”

No, seriously. God has been very faithful and very good. We were allowed to move into the church parsonage as part of the package deal. This started the month of June with a bang! The parsonage had no kitchen, and all the bedrooms had been classrooms. Our time line….3 weeks.  
While exhausting, it was awesome! I thrive on that sort of stuff. A clearly defined goal, budget, and time line and I was off to the races.  Here are some pictures of the journey. There are many areas I am still working on. Closets not yet painted, school rooms not quite organized how I would like them, couches half slip covered and curtains not yet made. If I were done I would be bored! I'm kind of sick like that.

This was the junior high Sunday school room. The back half is now the girls bedroom and the front half is our school room/ sewing room. The couches? They are half slip covered in the living room. (I will keep you posted) 

This is the bathroom. Yep, the (singular) bathroom. There are a lot of funny stories coming.....

This was the living room!

This was the kitchen! (Notice the hole.)

This is what was under the hole. Just a small set back...... my poor husband spent many and hour on his back fixing the foundation. ( I feel a song coming on....)

All of the improvements will come in various posts over the next few months so stick with me and my slow progress!

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