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Thursday, November 18, 2010


We have an amazing detached garage. I love to look out the kitchen window and see it tucked in the trees just begging to be turned into something great! My idea of great? A guest house! Yes, a wonderful guest house with huge French doors. There really is a lot of potential. 
Right now however, we really just need to clean it out! When we moved we just sort of added our stuff to the church stuff with the intention of pulling it all out and organizing it as soon as we got settled. Well.... It still looks like this.

I am so ashamed!

Maybe I should start with cleaning out the garage before I dream of bigger things.
                                                        But just look at the potential.
I love the beams in the ceiling!

I may have forgotten to mention that the floor floods about 2-3" every time it rains.

Maybe I will just enjoy the view and the trees. For now anyway.......

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