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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Food Fight

Food and I don’t get along. If I am not throwing it up, I am in bed with a migraine suffering the consequences of whatever it was I accidentally ate. Unfortunately I passed this wonderful  gluten allergy  on to my sweet little Zoe (AKA  Bird). Bird is 11.
.  Coming up with affordable meals that our whole family can eat is challenging to say the least. This is what I did this morning.Yummy and easy! It looks cool, and is fun for the kids too. And yes, it's fast!  I was out of the house by 8:00.  

Little mini quiche!

start with eggs

add cream and green onion

add bacon (I added turkey bacon)

Have a third cup of coffee!

Put in cool little dishes (I didn't have a muffin tin), and bake. 

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Rachelen said...

You might like this website:
she does every recipe with gluten free options (i think)...